By admin, 30 June, 2024

As long as memory lasts, the orchestra has rehearsed in the Youth Village in Leiden South. However, this idyllic park will become an industrial area, so we had to find a new location. We are very happy that the school De Thermiek allows us to use their auditorium for our rehearsals. Starting from September 4, 2024, our weekly Wednesday 20:00 rehearsal address is: 

De Thermiek, Blauwe Vogelweg 1, 2333 VK Leiden. 

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By admin, 5 May, 2024

On May 5, 13:30 the Leids Harmonie Orkest opened the musical season of the Waterlieconcerts in De Leidse Hout. These concerts are organized by Vrienden van De Leidse Hout. Due to a nice sun and almost windless conditions, many people showed up to listen and enjoy our music. Next year we must remember to bring some WD40 for the swings in the playing garden ...

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By admin, 11 April, 2024

The concert with Excelsior Pijnacker last Sunday had a lot of attention: we sold more tickets than available seats. Nevertheless enjoyed all guests the performance to the last tone. Tribute to both orchestras and our shared director Harry Tazelaar.

By admin, 9 December, 2023

After many interviews and three trials, we have come to an agreement with Harry Tazelaar to be our new conductor. Harry has an impressive experience as professional trombone player and conductor of wind and brass orchestras. His warm and inspiring way of conducting the orchestra was conclusive for our choice. He took over the baton from our concertmaster Josien van der Tweel and is conducting our orchestra since the middle of November.