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The Leids Harmonie Orkest (Leiden Wind Orchestra) aims to organise six concerts per year in Leiden and surroundings. Here, you find a summary of our concert(s).

Our association also organises activities specifically for members and friends, such as our mixed ensemble event in winter.

Finally, we also keep a concerts agenda of music events outside of our association.

Date Title Venue City
05-05-00, 13.00 Voorhout, center Voorhout
27-11-99, 15.00 Dutch National Museum of Antiquities Leiden
29-08-99, 13.00 Leidse Hout - De Waterlelie Leiden
19-06-99, 20.00 Oude Vest Leiden
29-05-99, 20.00 The Rainbow Leiden
17-01-99, 20.00 Oude Vest Leiden
05-07-98, 13.00 Leidse Hout - De Waterlelie Leiden
11-01-98, 20.00 De Waag Leiden
13-09-97, 14.30 Lokhorstkerk (Hidden Church) Leiden
31-08-97, 14.00 Leidse Hout - De Waterlelie Leiden
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